Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick or Treat

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Astronaut Sammy reading the paper at the doctors office a couple hours before the big night.

 photo 1026_114913.jpg

Don't all hopeful Astronauts play cello?

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Poor Topher didn't care much for his bat wings or the mice shadows on the walls. He did get into plenty of stray Halloween candy here and there so I'd say he made out just fine.

 photo 55e00e52-c484-4280-9464-f59199ff2c3a.jpg

Hairy black poodle or aspiring King Kong? Either way, he was the only one warm on a very chilly Halloween night. 

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Mackelmore, Scary Gorilla and Clark Kent. Gotta love 6th grade boys!

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Princess Leia and her cute little Minion Kate

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Minion Kate wore her costume to work and brought home all sorts of treats Halloween night. I love that she works there :)

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I unfortunately didn't get a picture of Matthew in his punk teenager costume. I did manage to snap this picture at his last recital. I thought it looked kind of Phantom of the Opera-ish. Singing Ghost is now Piano Ghost. His music lingers on.

Game Day

Dear Sarah,

Rise and Shine the Cougars are out! Or something like that. Here are the pictures I promised you last week. Uncle John invited Dad and Baby Kate to the primo season pass section. Uncle John even bought Kate a bejeweled BYU hat for the occasion. They beat Boise State 37-20 so fun was had by all.

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 photo 20387cbf-3fc2-4d22-9c68-28c7d38be2f6.jpg

Cosmo spotted Kate in the crowd and got a picture with her.

 photo 31025_194924668.jpg
After half time Katherine decided to venture over to the much cooler student section and hung out with Analisa and Dane. He's kinda cute, don't you think. 

 photo 33e329e0-daa8-4893-b1c7-55141875f259.jpg

Since we're on the subject of football, you're little bro JoJo has had an incredible season. He's a line backer which I've come to learn is a very important position. He is one of the teams best tacklers. They are playing in the championships this coming Saturday against Juan Diego. I'll let you know how they do! Live long and prosper, or whatever it is they say at a football game! xoxo, Mom

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Monday, October 7, 2013


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also ♥

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Good timber does not grow with ease; The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees; The further sky; the greater length; The more the storm, the more the strength. By sun and cold, by rain and snow; In trees and men good timbers grow 

 Matthew 11: 28-30

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6 months down!

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Our girl is officially 1/3 of the way done. If she were an Elder she'd only have half more to go. One year left. There is isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her or pray her. I'll remember some funny thing she said or hear her voice in my head singing a familiar tune and my heart is immediately filled with joy. While I'm proud of her work and thrilled for her growth, I do miss that little lady of mine. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall and watch her in action for just a minute.

Her weekly emails are like manna from heaven. In her last last letter she said the following:

I can't thank you enough for supporting me and taking such good care of me while I'm away. I get so worried you are all going to forget that I'm out here... but knowing that you are still all thinking about me was an answer to my prayers.

Oh sweet, precious girl, how could I ever forget you when a part of my heart is somewhere out there in Nicaragua.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer is in full swing

Hello sweet girl,

You have finally hit your four month mark! Amazing Sarah. The many people you have met and the growth you have experienced in such a short time is astounding, yet it feels like you've been gone much longer! Your letters and pictures bring us so much joy. Keep them coming. We live for Monday's :)

We started off the summer with Papi, Julia, Grandma Martha, Marisa and family gathering for Josh's graduation/ 1st time at the temple, as well as baby Corina's baby blessing.

 photo 1462724184_o.jpg
Here we are at the end of a long weekend. Looking tired but content just being together. I love these people!

 photo IMG_20130608_214731.jpg
I got this off Instagram, so the quality isn't the greatest but baby Corina looks like a baby doll in her blessing dress so I just had to include it. She is a miniature version of her Papa, but much cuter, of course. Tia Crystal looking gorgeous as usual.

 photo 20130503_205413.jpg
Don't know if you've heard but cousin Mayra is engaged!!! Her family is all coming in from Mexico and the wedding is planned for early next month at the SL temple. We are so happy for her and Jared!

 photo 420367_188222124668688_693861612_n.jpg
Dad is still going strong in tennis and taking acting classes here and there. Here he is playing an FBI agent in the upcoming movie Inspired Guns. Looks like he nabbed the crooks red handed as the big guy is down on his knees. We'll keep you posted as to any Oscar nominations ;)

 photo 193149.jpg 
I am busy running this crew to and fro and working part time at City Creek. Making time to help the boys practice their instruments, read, and learn to work has been a major focus. Joseph is half way done with the big blue Book of Mormon readers we have and is soaking them up like a sponge. He and Samuel battle it out with swords and pretend they are Nephites and Lamanites. Sammy takes great pride in his name's sake, Samuel the Lamanite and jumps off of furniture proclaiming he is invincible.

 photo 1012605_10200834022028786_251277002_n.jpg
As she wrote you in her previous letter Analisa and Ryan went with another couple to Disneyland. The very tiny girl they went with was the Disney Princess, Tinker Bell. Her date was a 6'11 BYU basketball player. Between the four of them traipsing around California I'm sure they were quite the sight.

 photo IMG_20130621_195844.jpg
Kate is working hard earning money for her upcoming trip to India next Spring. She was so adorable pulling people around at the Arts Festival. Matthew, Keaton and Lexie came and helped her. They earned a couple hundred in donations alone. Having her work and find ways to earn the trip herself will make her appreciate it that much more. Not that she wouldn't, but you know, a little hard work never hurt nobody :)

  photo 62bfe80ae53011e280f522000a9e17fb_7.jpg
 When the boys get their "jobs "done we usually head over to the pool for an afternoon swim. Samuel's friend Ryan is a like a member of the family. They are two peas in a pod. Listening to their conversations is pure entertainment.

 photo IMAG10721.jpg

 photo 204553.jpg
Sammy insisted we snuggle up and watch Monsters Inc before heading to the theater to watch the newest Pixar, Monsters University. He's pretending to be scared in the picture. Ha.

There are lots of movies and songs we are keeping track of for you. Superman, Man of Steel, Despicable Me 2, A Zombie movie to watch with Canon called World War Z, and The Lone Ranger all made the list. Whenever we hear a cool new song we add it our "Jam out with Sarah" playlist. At the top of that list is Treasure by Bruno Mars and Clarity by Zedd.  We are adding Latin songs that you recommend as well so when you get home we are going to have a kickin party with gallopinto and everything!

Life is beautiful sweetheart. Either here in East Millcreek or out in Granada, Nicaragua there is always so much to be grateful for! Praying for you constantly. Sending our love. xoxo


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Sarah

My darling Sarah,

I can't believe you are in Nicaragua! We got your letter! We laughed and cried and then re-read it over and over again. What an adventure! And what I wouldn't give to walk those dirt roads with you and wash your aching feet at the end of a long day. Words can't express our love for you and for the people taking care of you. Bless them! The people you are meeting will never forget you and forever be blessed for your service and example. Send us pictures! Oh man, mother's day can't get here soon enough!

Thank goodness you finally received one of my packages. The other two will hopefully find their way to you sooner than later. Here is a picture of the t-shirts you requested. I will send them to your new address 1st thing tomorrow. Crossing my fingers they make it there soon!

 photo DSC01857.jpg

Since I know you love pictures, I'll give you an update of what everyone's been up to along with a few pics.

 photo 20130426_164043.jpg
Tulips are in all their glory on Sunnydale. They make me smile every time I look outside or drive up. Wish they lasted more than 3 weeks.

 photo ad3796ef-ebbb-4b97-b1e3-b1c0605e7d37.jpg
Analisa just finished her 1st year at BYU! She is officially set on majoring in Elementary Ed and wants to minor in Modern Dance. To quote her final instagram on campus, "It's been real. Till next Fall. #rollout " 

 photo ff47a7b2-b613-4470-ba7d-3a12244e7be8.jpg
We went to the Creamery to use up the last of her meal card $ and ran into two boys that she'd dated earlier in the semester. They both teased her about being a heart-breaker and looked at her longingly as they said good-bye. See ya in two years, she chirped. Or not, she whispered to me ;) Scott on the left is heading to Canada and Christian to Dallas, Texas Spanish speaking.

 photo 20130424_220119.jpg
After taking a 4 1/2 hour Accounting final, cutie pie Ryan helped her move two carloads full of stuff back home. A few nights later after a late night drive home from SLC to Provo he fell asleep at the wheel two blocks from his place and ran into an apartment building, totaling his car! He is fine but we have since moved her curfew up to 10pm in hopes of saving that poor boy's life. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it in her next letter. 

 photo ceedeed2aaca11e2af2c22000a1f9069_7.jpg
Kate went with the Skyline orchestra and choirs to sunny California on tour. Remember the pic you and Canon took at that very same beach on the very same tour? You'll have to tell me when his homecoming is so we can welcome him back to the states and test out his EspaƱol.  

 photo dcd9acae-7a9f-49aa-8787-8d5760412f9d.jpg
I went along for the fun of it and had a blast chillin with baby Kate.

 photo 86236777-dc3a-4c8d-b829-b6bc68f4d747.jpg
In the dark on Pirates waiting to check out Jack Sparrow!

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1.jpg
Can I just tell you Cars Land at California Adventures feels like you just stepped into real life Radiator Springs! We are definitely going there when you get back. Your brothers are planning out the whole thing. It'll be awesome.  

 photo 20130409_171504.jpg 
Chester says hello and sends his best. He is fat and happy and could probably use a little more time on his exercise wheel (so could Topher for that matter) :)

 photo 2013-04-226.jpg
Jacks dogs are the cutest things ever. Jack informed me the other day, as only Jack can, that they do not speak English so next time they take a nibble at Sammy he needs to yelp so they understand he doesn't approve.  Wonder what language Nicaraguan dog's speak? Ha

 photo 2013-04-229.jpg
As part of the activities committee we put on a Linger Longer after church where people brought food to share as we stayed and mingled. It was fun and I got my two church besties to pose for a picture. They ask about you all the time and are praying for you!  

 photo 2013-04-222.jpg
Uncle Chris came by last Sunday and took us all out on rides. Joseph was the 1st passenger and is giving you a personal thumbs up! The boys all love when I read your letters to them. They pray for you too and you're example gives them great desire to follow in your footsteps someday.  

 photo 2013-04-22.jpg

Sweet Sammy pulled off a great Neil Armstrong at the 2nd grade Great American Wax Museum. It's nice to have his Halloween costume all taken care of come Fall. 

 photo a7a9b75ea78011e2bbd822000a9f15da_7-1.jpg
He is a also a proud member of the Grasshoppers baseball team. Mr. Tough Stuff himself scored a run last game which had us all on our feet cheering! Dad was substitute coach that day and led the little guys to an 11-4 victory against the Iron Pigs. No joke.

 photo 20130426_ski.jpg
Matthew and I went skiing for the last time this season. Be sure to tell those Nicaraguan mamas he's a real gentleman. He insists on helping me put on my boots and carries my skis to and from the car.  We talk about music the entire way up and down the mountain. He instinctively knows so much and hears things I can only hear once he points them out. He is obsessed with the album Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay and is really developing his singing voice.  

We will be blasting your music recommendations! MoTab and Prince Royce look out :)  

Keep those letters coming sweet girl! You are a ROCK STAR in our eyes. We love you and pray for you constantly!! Rock on!